Science Communication

Although we’re well-equipped to produce any form of digital media, we are particularly adept at communicating technical subjects to various target audiences, whether to fellow scientists or to the general public. With our rare combination of engineering and film experience, we are poised to communicate even the most complex topics.

Our collective experience includes Civil, Environmental, Electrical, and Computer Engineering, and each of the company’s three founders has worked in the research department of a Fortune 500 company while simultaneously studying engineering and film.
Alan has gone beyond that by fully incorporating his engineering background with his film experience through a unique MFA program in Science and Natural History Filmmaking offered by Montana State University.  Begun by seed money from the Discovery Channel and the National Science Foundation, this one-of-a-kind degree program arms scientists and engineers with the creative and critical skills to produce media for the public understanding of science.
With this unique skill-set, we’ve produced content for large corporations, nonprofit organizations, and federally funded research grants across the US.  If you have a need for media with a technical or environmental aspect, whether for training purposes, public relations, promotional reasons, or to satisfy grant requirements, feel free to contact us for a consultation.