Light Up the Lyric!

If Cecil Whitmire could have been there tonight, his smile would have beamed like the bulbs that flickered on for the first time (officially) to the jovial crowd lining 3rd Avenue North.  Nearly 10 years ago as a young student, I began a documentary about the Lyric Theatre, with dreams of seeing that long-abandoned vaudeville house alive once more.  To witness the new sign flash on tonight was a magical moment that I was so glad to experience.  Now I can only hope that next year, during its centennial celebration, that I will be able to join the same crowd within the newly renovated auditorium, where the magic will really happen.  There is good reason to hope, as the bulk of funding has been raised to launch this highly anticipated theatre restoration.  But there’s still money lacking in the budget before that will happen, and it’s perhaps the most difficult portion of the funds to raise.  Help the Lyric reach its full potential by donating to the cause at

See the lighting ceremony here.


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